Biblical Prophecy of the Lion and Lamb

Biblical Prophecy of the Lion and Lamb. The lion and lamb have come to symbolize the Messianic Age [1]

Our task is to show how this picture represents a mathematical paradigm. Ancients called it the 8 x 8 number square. The lamb and the lion  are above as they appear on a pub signboard in Bath, England.  Isaiah 65:25 and 11:6–7, respectively reference formerly ravenous beasts as becoming peaceable in a Golden Age.

אריה וטלה

Key to Biblical Prophecy is the Union of Letters and Numbers

 Gematria was the name assigned to this process. Also,  like many Middle eastern languages, Hebrew letters also are written from right to left. English, and many modern languages, by contrast, have one set symbols for letters and a second for numbers.

  • Lion, the first word on the right, uses an aleph, reisch, yud and hei. These are also the glyphs for 1, 200, 10 and 5.  Add the four as 1 + 200 + 10 + 5 = 216.
  • Lamb becomes the second word to the left, Teleh. “Vav”, the first letter of the four, means “and”, so we won’t consider it in the total. These letters represent 9,30 and 5. Their total becomes 44.

Lion and lamb combined total 260. (216 + 44 = 260).Number squares, again, hold the key to understanding these words and numbers.

Biblical prophecy
Any straight vertical or horizontal row of 8 numbers totals 260 on the 8 x 8. Two opposite numbers on the 5 x 5 total 26. Examples are 11 + 15 or 10 + 16.

So What Does this Mean?

Reactivate the number squares: Rebuild and re-furbish sites that were once built by them. Egyptian Great Pyramid was actually laid out by the 8 x 8. Woodhenge in England used the same number grid to outline its construction. 26 and 260 offer the way for all to have a common vision of the lion and lamb together in harmony. That is what is all about.

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