Geometry follows Numbers, or is it Vice Versa?

Geometry follows Numbers, or is it Vice Versa? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Can we entertain the possibility that both came at the same time? Is that beyond comprehension?

geometry follows numbers
The chicken and the egg at the same time.

To answer this riddle, let’s look at Rubric’s cube.  It is depicted in our featured picture. First, it certainly calls on geometry. A cube is one of the five regular polyhedrons also known as the Platonic solids. But look at what it consists of: Each of the six faces has a three by three grid set upon it. In antiquity, the arrangement was as follows:


Geometry follows Numbers, or Vice Versa?

Perform the following operations, assuming the struts of the magic square are flexible. Image result for picture of the 3 x 3 number square on DSOworks,com

  • First work only with the struts. Flex all struts down around the top square. They form the outline of of a perfect cube.
  • Make the rubric tick-tack-toe design on each square.
  • Fill each  square with the traditional numbers as above. Image result for picture of the 3 x 3 number square on DSOworks,com

Did I solve the Mystery?

Certainly, at least to my mind, the numbers and struts are joined together as the  chicken and egg pictured above.

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Here is a fun link to our other website, We are emphasizing music on our other website. I am currently employed full time as a piano player in the Sarasota area. So many enjoy my unique approach to piano playing. Of course, I taking geometry and numbers into consideration in my approach. Geometry is about the angle of the hands at any given moment. Numbers come with the fingerings used. My own instructor studied with Emil von Sauer who studied for one year with Franz Liszt. At the end of his life, Liszt dedicated himself to teaching. Yet Liszt still kept some of his knowledge secret.

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