Zodiac post written with music and Leo in mind

Zodiac: Regal Leo and Audio Musical Preferences. Music Under the Zodiac is the name of my upcoming book. There are many parallels, for example:

  • Well-tempered scale has twelve 12 tones within the octave. There are 12 zodiac signs.
  • There are four types of triads:  major, minor diminished and augmented.   Four elements being earth, air, fire and water. Earth is dense as the diminished is the most compact. Fire is the most effusive of the signs as augmented triad is the most expansive. Water and air parallel minor and major triads  respectively. They fit in their size of 7 half tones from the first note between the earth and fire triads. This is contrary to the two opposites of diminished and  augmented.

     In music, a triad is a set of three notes (or “pitches“) that can be stacked vertically in thirds.[1] The term “harmonic triad” was coined by Johannes Lippius in his Synopsis musicae novae (1612).

Feature Zodiac Post with Leo in Mind

  •  Three categories of zodiac signs are set by cardinal, fixed and mutable. Cardinal is the month that begins a season. Like the 1st month of Spring under Aries is cardinal. Fixed is the second month of the season. It is Taurus in Spring. The third, a mutable zodiac sign, ends the season.  It is called mutable because it prepares for the next trio of the summer zodiac months. This last month of Spring is Gemini.

What About Regal Leo?

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