Reading Numbers on the Tree of Life from Atlantis.

Reading Numbers on the Atlantis Tree of Life. What is a cosmic tree?  A World tree, also called cosmic tree  is found at the center of the world. This widespread motif is found in many myths and folktales; Asia, Australia, and North America  are in the mix.  The tree explains the human and profane condition and its relation to the divine. I have many posts on how Israel, in its inception, used knowledge that once graced Atlantis.

Reading Numbers
Preserved knowledge from Atlantis made its way into the Hebraic Tree of Life.

Reading Numbers is Quite an Unusual Art

Many posts can come from this subject on reading numbers.  Here we will concentrate on two examples and how they illustrate the packing of spheres  used in nature.

Packing of spheres in successive layers falls under a formula. It was discovered by R. Buckminster Fuller: Find the number of the particular layer being considered, squared x 10 + 2. You can pinpoint how many spheres in successive layers can surround  a central sphere. Here are the 1st five examples.

  • For the 1st layer, 1² x 10 + 2 = 12 spheres.
  • The 2nd layer we have 2² x 10 + 2 = 42.
  • For the 3rd layer,  3² x 10 + 2 = 92.
  • The 4th layer is 4² x 10 + 2 = 162.
  • The 5th layer is 5² x 10 + 2 = 252.
  • Image result for Buckminster Fuller on DSOworks and internal link
    R. Buckminster Fuller could have found some of the the same formula used on the Atlantean Tree of Life inherited by the Hebrews.

    To discover two of the same totals, look at the paths surrounding emanations 6 and 10 on the Tree. They are both found on the core central pillar. I believe that the Tree touches on knowledge from this lost civilization.

  • Emanation 10, Malkuth. Three paths descend directly to emanation 10. They are 31, 29 and 32. Their sum is 92. Emanation 10 represents the lowest level paralleling earth. Look at Fuller’s totals for the 3rd layer,  3² x 10 + 2 = 92. Of course, Earth (which these 3 paths lead to) has 92 naturally regenerative elements
  • Emanation 6 is at the heart or core of the Tree. Eight paths lead to it and it is in the center.  They total 26 + 25 + 24 +20 + 15 + 13 + 17 + 22 = 162. That duplicates the 162 given by Fuller on level 4. The advanced elite of Atlantis worked extensively with the Tree image. More to follow.

Here is a fun internal link:   Wild Goose Chase in Computer Complexity






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