Rounded Earth – How Can it Possibly Be Cubic?

Rounded Earth – How Can it Possibly Be Cubic? Ancient civilizations thought there were four elements.

Today, of course, we know there are ninety-two naturally occurring, re-generative elements.  . First of all, what were the four elements of antiquity? Classical elements typically refer to the concepts of earthwaterair, & fire. Four elements explained all matter in terms of simpler substances.

Plato wrote of these 4 in Timaeus c. 360 B.C.; in it he states, a fifth solid,  the dodecahedron, represents the Universe in general.

File:Four elements representation.svg
It seems like simple geometrical shapes could represent the stuff from which the Universe was made.
  1. Earth was cubic.
  2. Air was octahedronal.
  3. Icosahedron found representation through water.
  4. Fire became the essence of the tetrahedron.

Rounded Earth – How Can it Possibly Be Cubic?’s goal has is the revival and use once more of the classical 7 number squares; for the purpose of initiating a new Golden Age of peace and plenty. Here they are:

Cosmology comes from the seed number square which is Satrun’s 3 x 3. This tic-tack-toe board forms the basis of all higher ancient number squares.

Notice how the supposedly “ignorant ancients” structured the vertical numerical differences of the modern periodic chart on the diagonal of their oddly numbered squares. Technically these number squares were not encased by an overall square; they were open ended which provided a direct path to the external numbers around the perimeter.

Saturn’s square (3 x 3)  has two lines intersecting two lines. Each line is thus trisected vertically and horizontally which forms six vertical and six horizontal line segments(6 + 6 = 12).

Examine the obvious parallel with the cube. Twelve line segments form its outline. Five sits at the center and becomes the top square of the cube; consequently, the remaining 8 struts can be hinged down and around to from the basic cube.

Rounded earth
A cube has 12 lines or struts which are traceable to the grid-like outline of the first of the ancient number squares.

Why Bother with Number Squares?

Number squares are more basic and useful in postulating the nature of the Universe than the periodic chart. Such number composites encompass geometry, chemistry, physics as well as the rest of the sciences and arts of mankind or intelligent life anywhere else in the Universe. All posts on reviving are free to read and easy to access.

Why look for unity with one general theory?  With unity comes the peace and plenty.

Internal link: Periodic Chart Grid Found in the Lo Shu

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