Synergetic Love Creates Quite an Alloy

Synergetic Love Creates Quite an Alloy. R.Buckminster Fuller was a synergetic specialist.  Synergetics is the empirical study of systems in transformation. Synergy emphasizes  total system behavior.  Systems cannot be understood  by the behavior of any isolated components.  Physics, looked at synergetically, includes humanity’s role as both participant and observer. Our featured picture is of the geodesic dome invented by Buckminster Fuller; it’s strength is greater than the sum of its parts.

Synergetic Love and the Jet Engine

A British Airways Jet.

Here’s how Fuller explains synergy in Synergetics section 109.02:  If someone was to say that a chain is as strong as the sum total of all its links, we would ten to think that statement was silly. If the same person were to say that chain is stronger than the sum of all its links, we would tend to think that is absurd. But, that is exactly what happens with the jet engine.

Using the old logic, the jet engine should be not stronger that its weakest component, iron. It can only withstand 60,000 pounds of pressure per square inch. Chromium’s tensile strength is 70,000 lbs/square inch. Nickel’s is about 80,000. All other ingredients total 50,000. Their sum is 260.000 p.s.i. The jet engine has an actual psi of 350,000.

Synergetic Love is the Best News Possible

Basically synergetic love means that the forces that unite us are stronger than everything that divides us and pulls us apart. In other words, love is stronger than hate. Taking this a step further: One person with love is stronger than even thousands with hatred. Love becomes the human essence of synergy. Also it is the source of strength of all major religions of the world. I know this a short post, but it is long enough to say it all!

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