Dozen Appears on the Ancient 3 x 3 Number Grid

Dozen Appears on the Ancient 3 x 3 Number Grid. The metric system has made the dozen an anachronism. Metric’s base is the decimal system of ten(s). So where is this dozen found? One can find it in two ways on the ancient 3 x 3 number square pictured below. One is geometrical, the other is numerical.

In the remote past number reigned as king. Common numbers often crossed disciplines such as mathematics and geometry. This contrasts with today where numbers are merely adjectives. To make matter worse, numbers wear the clothing of the metric system. Finally, before getting into the body of this post, keep in mind zero was considered a synthetic number. Therefore, ten was not real number. Now for the real curve ball: Can you see how twelve two ways on this number square? Below is an external link that elaborates on this number square as used at Stonehenge:

Dozen Appears through Mathematics and Geometry

Find the dozen by geometry and mathematics requires a little know how.

Three Square Code Structures Stonehenge

  1. Geometrically, nine numbers are set in enclosures. Two lines intersect with two lines: That makes 12 segments that hold these nine numbers.
  2. By arithmetic, 15 can be found as a straight line of three numbers in a row in eight different ways: three are horizontal; three are vertical and two are diagonal. By simple multiplication, 8 x 15 = 120. Again, we have the 12 number that makes the dozen (see explanation of “0” above).

A goal of reviving is to revive the ancient understanding and use of number squares. Number square balance by opposites. Likewise, it’s important to balance opposite viewpoints and beliefs. Most of the posts on this website are about number squares and how the can assist in bringing about world wide peace. I offer an internal link one of them below. All access to this website is free.


Number Square Paradigm Can Explain All




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