Three Four Five Ties A Lot Together

Three Four Five Ties A Lot Together. Our ancient ancestors, at their best, looked for what things had in common. Differences were not on the priority list. These perspectives can place people on different paths. Similarities mark the path of peace. Differences define the path of strife and war. Mathematically, our featured picture shares an interesting property with the icosahedron. What is the icosahedron?

In geometry, an icosahedron (/ˌkɒsəˈhdrən, kə-, k-/ or /ˌkɒsəˈhdrən/[1]) is a polyhedron with 20 faces. The name comes from Ancient Greek εἴκοσι (eíkosi), meaning ‘twenty’, and ἕδρα (hédra), meaning ‘seat’. The plural can be either “icosahedra” (/-drə/) or “icosahedrons”.

There are infinitely many non-similar shapes of icosahedra, some of them being more symmetrical than others. The best known is the (convex, non-stellatedregular icosahedron—one of the Platonic solids—whose faces are 20 equilateral triangles.

Icosahedron - Wikipedia
What does this figure share with the 3,4,5 triangle popularly known as a Pythagorean triangle? Where are the three four five ties?

Nine Basic Numbers Were Once Used With No Zeroes.  This is a fun internal link.

Three Four Five Ties Space and Time Together

For this post the numerical similarity between the featured triangle and the icosahedron become apparent by the following operations:

  • 3² x 4² x 5² = 3600.
  • The icosahedron has 20 triangles. Every triangle has 180°. By number, 20 x 180 = 3600.
  • Also in Hebraic mysticism the Tree of Life has 10 circles. each circle has 360°.  Therefore, 10 circles x 360° per circle =3600° 

In the realm of speculation, author Zecharia Sitchin asserted that Sumerian mythology suggests that this hypothetical planet of Nibiru is in an elongated, 3,600-year-long elliptical orbit around the sun. This number is in keeping with the 3600  theme of the post. I am not trying to say he his right or wrong, just to point out the speculative post.

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