Great Pyramid Sews Numbers Five and Six Together

Great Pyramid Sews Numbers Five and Six Together. How and Why? The why is easy: Five personifies yin while six is the essence of yang. The coming together of yin and yang in balance is an ancient, oriental theme. Yet, it has found its way to the Middle east and Egypt in surprising ways.

First I reference, The View Over Atlantis by John Michell. Born in London to a wealthy family, Michell was educated at Cheam School and Eton College.  He served as a Russian translator in the Royal Navy  and attended Trinity College, Cambridge, He returned to London and worked for his father’s property business, developing an interest in Ufology. Embracing the counter-cultural ideas of the Earth mysteries movement during the 1960s, in The Flying Saucer Vision he built on Alfred Watkins‘ ideas of ley lines by arguing that they represented linear marks created in prehistory to guide extraterrestrial spacecraft. He followed this with his most influential work, The View Over Atlantis, in 1969.

Great Pyramid sews
Michell, in my opinion, was a great philosopher, on par with the best.


How is it that the Great Pyramid Sews Numbers 5 and 6 Together?

View Over Atlantis: Michell, John: 9780345258762: Books

First of all, Michell’s hard bound books are both rare and their cost is in the thousands. If you find one, keep it. Number squares 5 x 5 and 8 x 8 both use number 65. On the 5 x 5 number square any row of five numbers totals 65; while on the 8 x 8 number square, any two opposite numbers total 65. Michell explains how the Great Pyramid is laid out by the 8 x 8 number square.

Consider the Reverse Number Combination of 56

Five successive powers grow out of the Golden apex of volume 5 cubic inches . See pages 99 -100 in the pictured book for the explanation.  By the time 56 gets to the fifth power, the side of the base becomes, 25,088 miles. Earth’s diameter was always taken at 25,000 miles by the ancients. This becomes one manner in which five and six (56) as yang and yin a joined by the Great Pyramid.

Internal link: Periodic Chart Grid Found in the Lo Shu





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