Take Five Give Five is a Biblical Theme

Take Five – Give Five is a Biblical Theme. Five is not only a theme in Egyptology. Missing and found fives found their way into Judaism.  Of course, in our day and age, Paul Desmond wrote the classic musical work called, “Take Five.” We must ask the following questions:

  • Why is the five cubit tall tip on the Great Pyramid of Egypt missing?
  • Does it have a special meaning?
  • Was the removal of the tip an ancient and deliberate action?
Take five give five
All answers are here just above.

 Take Five Give Five

In Hebrew, like Egyptian, letters at one time doubled as numbers. When you spelled a name, numbers were conferred unto that name. Both Abraham and Sarah, at one time,  spelled their names without the symbol for number five, the “hei.” Five’s and the letter “hei’s” picture in Hebrew are on the T shirt immediately below.

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The symbol for “hei”, being the number 5, is on this T shirt.
take five give five
Abraham, Sarah and their son, Issac.

“Avram” was Abraham’s name before his enlightenment. “Saree” was Sarah’s name before her enlightenment. Their enlightenment came  from the 3 x 3 number square. Five sits at its core. Hei (5) holds the letter “H” sound.

Here is proof of the secret. Look at the number square again. The measure of the Great Pyramid is hidden in the walls of this number square.  The Pyramid holds the measure of 440 cubits on each side. Take the numbers two at the time around the number five and overlap them as:

49 + 92 + 27 + 76 + 61 +18 + 83 + 34 = 440. Reverse the double numbers and add them. They again  total 440. The discerning eye can find 440 in two more logical ways.

So, why the added five in Hebrew to Abraham and Sarah? At one time worldwide peace and plenty was common-  in a Golden Age. Number squares structured civilization. Literally, five forms the seed or core of all the higher  number squares. Both these Biblical personalities achieved enlightenment through the “5” realization.  Perhaps this is the sign that a happy Golden Age is about to begin once more? We will then be restoring the “missing five”.

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