Breathing Assistance Comes with One Sharp

Breathing Assistance Comes with One Sharp. Music cures, but let’s get specific. Let’s first answer some questions.

  • First of all, what do I mean by one sharp? Answer: music written G major and E minor share the key signature of one sharp.
  • Is it necessary to understand musical theory to benefit from this system? No, just listen to the prescribed music.
  • Will this cost me anything? No. Money is tight and in short supply. Even if times were great, this would still be free.

What is this system for health based on? The musical circle of fifths. Each key signature is shared by a major and minor mode. Below is a picture:

Breathing assistance
Obtain breathing assistance by listening to the key signature positioned at one o’clock on the circle of fifths.  That is the key of  G major and its relative minor-e. The major is outside of the grayish circle and the minor side of the key signature is on the inside.

Breathing Assistance Comes with the Key of Gemini

In music theory, the circle of fifths (or circle of fourths) is the relationship among the 12 tones (or pitches) of the chromatic scale.  Their corresponding key signatures, and the associated major and minor keys are included. One sharp calls on the key signature of Gemini. Gemini rules the lungs, hands arms and shoulders. Music in one sharp helps in alleviating bronchitis, asthma, or any general pains in the hands, arms or shoulders.

Here are classical selections you can listen to. You can often listen for free on youtube!  Generally the minor mode (e) relieves discomfort or negative qualities; while the major (G) enhances positive qualities. I offer five major and 5 minor examples.

  1. Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in G by Maurice Ravel.
  2. Sonata No 16 in “G” Opus 30 by Beethoven.
  3. Concerto No 4 in G Opus 58 by Beethoven.
  4. French Suite No 5 in G major by J.S. Bach (my favorite choice).
  5. Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G by Bach.

Listening to E Minor Eliminates problems that can be connected with Gemini on the negative side.

  1.  Symphony No 5 in E minor Opus 64 by Tchaikovsky.
  2. Hungarian Rhapsody No 5 in e minor by Franz Liszt.
  3. Sonata No 34 in e minor by Haydn.
  4. Etude opus 25 No. 6 by Chopin
  5. Quartet in e minor Opus 59 by Beethoven.

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