Scorpian Key Signature Has Four Flats

Scorpian Key Signature Has Four Flats. Most “rational” people dismiss similarities between things as mere co-incidences. Everything is different, so they think. The question then becomes, is it better to look for similarities of differences when comparing? Is one way right and the other wrong; or are they both just right or just wrong? Finally, how does this question tie into music and the featured topic?

  • There are 12 basic key signatures; there are 12 basic zodiac signs.
  • Sharps tend to be bright, while flats are more mellow. Likewise, spring and summer are bright zodiac months. Fall and winter are dull zodiac months except for the temporary changing of the leaves.
Liebestraum by Franz Liszt was written in the Scorpio Key of Four flats.

So Where Does is the  Four Flatted Scorpian Key Signature of Liebestraum?

First about Liszt:

Superstar, ladies’ man: Happy 200th Franz Liszt – Reuters

BUDAPEST (Reuters Life!) – He was the world’s first musical superstar, a bigger-than-life personality with a wild mane of hair who seated adoring women around his piano onstage and had his own “mania” cult long before the Beatles.

 For better or worse he took from Paganini the idea of “concert artist as celebrity”. When this was combined with “performer as sex symbol” – fainting women, jewels tossed on to the stage, cigar butts treasured in heaving bosoms – a phenomenon began which is alive and well in the 21st century and shows no signs of abating.
The four flatted key signature is illustrated below. When ever one comes to any B, E, A , or D, it is flatted. In this case that means played on the black keys to the left of the white key it represents. Also pictured is the meter or time signature. It is in a double triple meter being 6/4. Many romantic pieces, lake Strauss waltzes use triple meter.

Liszt's Liebestraum No.3 for piano - sheet music 1st page


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