Another Remen Formula and Passover

Another Remen Formula and Passover. Below is an internal link to the last post. The remen shows an affinity for the 3 x 3 number square by using obvious and hidden perimeters. .

Egyptian Remen Has Many Formulas

Passover connects to the remen.  How did this happen?  Moses, the central figure of Passover,  was an Egyptian prince. In Hebrew, like many Middle eastern languages, letters doubled as numbers. There was no separate system for each like in English. Thus, we have A.B.C and then separately we have different symbols for 1,2, and 3.  In antiquity letters and numbers sharing the same symbol was called by a special Greek name, gematria. Take the Hebrew word and letters pei, heth, and sameck for Passover:  פֶּסַח . Three symbols from right to left, as Hebrew is read, also represent 80. 60 and 8 respectively.  Their sum is 148. The internal link above arrives at the remen from various perimeters around the central five of the 3 x 3 number square.

Another Remen Formula

Ultimate Classic Passover Seder Plate
Notice the Passover plate has the three letter Hebraic word for Passover in bold letters at the top.

For this post,  the solution is easier. Take the square root of the gematria for Passover as follows:

  • √148 = 12.165…  The Egyptian remen’s first five digits are 12165….Of course, it reads in actual measurement as 1.2165… feet. In antiquity numbers were of prime importance; regardless of the unit of measure.

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