Unusual Coincidence with Washington’s Monument

Unusual Coincidence with Washington’s Monument. First. let’s define terms. What does “unusual mean? Let’s look first at synonyms:

curious, extraordinary, funny, odd, offbeat, out-of-the-way, peculiar, queer, rare,singular, strange, unaccustomed, uncommon, uncustomary, unique, weird.

Unusual Coincidence – What is It?

The length of an ancient town center in Yugoslavia has the same dimension as Washington’s monument. Look at the ruins Lepenski Vir in Yugoslavia. It measures 555 feet in length. Washington’s monument is 555.5 feet tall. Both are in feet and use repeated fives. Or course, what most do not understand is often dismissed as coincidence.

unusual coincidence
Lepnski vir and Washington’s monument share key measure of antiquity.

Unusual Coincidence – What is the Source?

Once upon a time a Golden Age existed.  Its basis was the simple number square pictured below. However, it is anything but simple. Below are a few hidden points to examine:

Measurement interchange of antiquity


  • Go around the perimeter overlapping two number at the time: 49 + 92 + 27 + 76 + 61 + 18 + 83 + 34 = 440.  The square base of the Great Pyramid measures 440 cubits on each side.
  • Go around the perimeter again by single numbers and add them: 4 + 9 + 2 + 7 + 6 + 1 + 8 + 3 = 40. Add the numbers of the two perimeters thus far” as 440 + 40 = 480. The height of the  untruncated  Great Pyramid is 480 feet.
  • Add opposite numbers around the perimeter three at the time as 438 + 672 = 1110. This number-1,110- can be found in 7 more  ways. The perimeter around the Great Pyramid is also 1,110 megalithic yards.

Here’s the source of 555: Simply divide any one of its 1110 totals in half. This number is 555. Dividing 1110 in half is appropriate because it is the average of any two opposite numbers taken as three at the time. This is listed above.

This Number Square is the Emblem of a Happy, Golden Age

An historic attempt has been made to preserve the knowledge of a former Golden Age. Here are some of the ways in which this was accomplished:

  • A megalithic inch is 0.816 inches. That is a straight read across the bottom- left to right, on the 3 x 3 number square pictured to the right. If you reverse these numbers you have 618.  These are the square root numbers of the Golden Section. This was called “phi” by the ancient Greeks- 1.618…. The square root is o.618 feet.
  • A megalithic yard contains forty megalithic inches. Here’s the arithmetic: 40 x 0.816 = 32.64 inches. Next, 32.64″/12″ = 2.72 feet –  or 1 MY. Next:
  • Add the 8 perimeter numbers.  You have 8 + 1 + 6 + 7 + 2 + 9 + 4 + 3 = 40.  It is no co-incidence  that there are 40 megalithic inches in the megalithic yard.
  • In summary: Three primary ancient numbers come from the perimeter: (1) The megalithic inch as 816 comes from the bottom three perimeter numbers- left to right. (2) Phi’s square root numbers are from the same bottom perimeter but reversed as  right to left (618). (3) The number of megalithic inches in the megalithic yard as 40 from the entire perimeter.
  • First Numerical Sequence Points to Geometry – This is an entertaining internal link.




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