Agreement Can Come Through Mathematics

Agreement Can Come Through Mathematics. As usual, I like to begin by defining my focus key word. Today it is agreement. There are more specifications of this word; however, here I use the following list:

Definition of agreement

1a: Harmony of opinion, action, or character CONCORDThere is widespread meeting of minds on this issue.
b: The act or fact of agreeing. She nodded her head in an agreeing fashion.
2a: An arrangement as to a course of action reached on to how to achieve their goal.

For Agreement Keep Things Understandable and Simple

File:A handshake.png
Is there a tool to keep everything understandable and simple so we can all agree?

For an answer to this quest I will first ask: What’s about as simple as 1 + 1 = 2? Look at the simplest and smallest of the number squares below. It uses the basic nine digits without the zero. This in turn has the qualifications for becoming the door of the gateway that can lead to world peace.

Image result for picture of the 3 x 3 number square on DSOworks,com
Here is the inner square of human harmony.

The majority of the posts on Reviving Antiquity website are about this number square. Again, it looks simple. In  paradox fashion, in simplicity you  find complexity. As a matter of fact in the simplest you can find the infinitely complex.

Where Do We Find this Number Square?

Image result for wiki commons picture of the globe of the world
In a lost and remote past, the entire world was laid out by an advanced civilization by this number square. They enjoyed the blessings and peace and plenty.

Holy sites worldwide were conceived by the obvious and hidden codes of numbers contained in this number square. As a matter of fact, you would be hard pressed to find a geographic location where it wasn’t used. Any place that used this square was used was considered holy. At that time there was worldwide peace. This idyllic state can  be regained by providing us with a common vision: We need to recondition such sites with the understanding of their simple mathematical intent.

Here are some internal links to help in getting this process started. I have about 90 all together on this site. Our other site is more musical it nature. It has about 600 posts:








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