Double Jupiter Dose Makes Harmony

Double Jupiter Dose Makes Harmony. This statement was immediately comprehensible to an ancient, masonic builder. Today, many might think: “What ‘s that all about? Most builders are ignorant of the craft derived from ancient number squares: Simply because such information is not readily available.

Double Jupiter dose
The perimeter around the square base of the Great Pyramid is 1110 megalithic yards of 2.72 feet.

Double Jupiter Dose Makes a Megalithic Yard


Earlier I mentioned the 2.72 megalithic yard. This measurement had immense mathematical significance.

  • First of all,  272 fuses numbers 5 and 6. Here is one way to come up with today’s featured measurement: (5 x 6) ÷ (5 + 6) = 2.727272…Ancients took this in the measurement of the twelve inch foot. The British foot is also found in Sumerian, Babylon and Persia so it is not an anachronism. Samples are at the British Museum. This is as per author John Michelle.
  • With regards to today’s post: Look at the featured picture. You’ll find it holds numbers one through sixteen. Total these numbers: 1 – 16 = 136. This particular ancient square was connected to Jupiter.
  • What’s so special about Jupiter? Astrologically speaking, Jupiter is associated with the principles of growth, expansion, healing, prosperity, good fortune, and miracles. Need I say more?
  • Finally, the double Jupiter dose: Multiply 136 x 2 = 272. We have just doubled the sum of numbers one through sixteen in this special number square. Now the question becomes: Would you like a double dose of prosperity, good fortune, healing, and miracles? If so work with the wisdom of the ancients.

I feel the Jupiterian qualities can be shared by all of mankind. Exclusion from good things can now be put to rest. With ancient knowledge, we can once more enjoy the blessings of peace and prosperity that once graced our planet.

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