Fourfold Jupiter Multiples Power from Mercury

Fourfold Jupiter Multiples Power from Mercury. This is because of the following:

  • The 4 x 4 number square of Jupiter has 16 square houses.  
  • Mercury’s is formed by the 8 x 8 number square containing 64 square houses.
  • fourfold Jupiter
    The traditional arrangement of the seven primary ancient number squares. Source is John Michell, The View Over Atlantis.

Jupiter is considered to provide abundance and good fortune. It demonstrates these tendencies in  a person that are forgiving, kind, ethical, and overall worthy. The term ‘benefic’ is of Jupiter. It is derived from the Greek term agathopoios The term ‘benefic’ is derived from the Greek term agathopoios which literally means “good-doer”.  Imagine this trait multiplied fourfold. That best describes the effect of the 8 x 8 number square of Mercury. Why is this so.

Fourfold Jupiter is at Work in Mercury’s Number Square

This process is simple. Take Jupiter’s 4 x 4 graph;  exactly four such graphs can fill Mercury’s 8 x 8 graph. That’s why I title this post fourfold Jupiter. Why is this important? The Great Pyramid of Egypt lies at the center of all masses. Its base is based on the 8 x 8 grid of Mercury. If this grid is set on its square base, each square becomes one great cubit in length. A great cubit is 55 smaller cubits.

Fourfold Jupiter
Fourfold Jupiter, by its grid, can fill the base the grid of Mercury at the Great Pyramid four times.

What Does Fourfold Jupiter at the Great Pyramid Mean?

Said quite plainly: Since the Great Pyramid stands at the center of the land masses in the world if the masses are visualized together.  It has the potential to multiple the positive effects Jupiter four times over. Any  planet, according to the ancients, works through its number square. As such, when the Pyramid becomes activated by the principle of number squares, it has tremendous potential for peace. Imagine the following qualities and quantities multiplied fourfold: Goodness in character rewarded by happiness wealth, and fortune. Certainly, meditation on this number square is more than worth the time! Enjoy the internal link:


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