Number Squares First then Geometry

Number Squares First Then Geometry. Before anything there were numbers. Pythagoreans  believed that all things were made of numbers[129][130].

 I would go a step further by making number into an adjective. We now have: All things are made from number squares. 

I’ve already posted the coding of the periodic chart by numbers 2, 8, 8, 18, 18, 32, 32, etc. Just look at the oddly numbered squares and the position of the darkened diagonals with these numbers. In each case they are tangent to the central number. That is not a co-incidence; the odds of this would simply be stellar in size. Ironically, however, planets were named after these number squares.

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These squares of numbers literally were the Creator’s tools for Genesis.

 Number Squares First

In the realm of geometry, aggregate spheres of atoms pack by a formula. Buckminster Fuller came up with the equation. Spheres of the same size accumulate in layers.  Let “n” represent the number of a particular layer. and the formula becomes n² x 10 + 2.

  1. First layer around the central sphere: 1² x 10 + 2 = 12.
  2. Layer number two is: 2² x 10 + 2 = 42.
  3. Third layer  becomes 3² x 10 + 2 = 92.

How does this tie into number squares?

Every number square has a characteristic number. Any two opposite numbers added together equal the total number of “houses”  plus one.

  1. Saturn’s perimeter has all opposite numbers totaling 10. It has nine houses.
  2. Jupiter has 16 houses. Any two opposite numbers total 17.
  3. Mars has 25 houses. Any two opposite numbers total 26.

In each case we have a  “+1” factor operating as the characteristic number. The answer to the riddle of this post comes from the following question: What comes first, plus one or plus two?  Most likely most would agree +1 comes before +2. We do not start counting with number two. Also, on stars, hydrogen (H1) precedes helium (He2).  Helium is fused from hydrogen. Therefore, numbers in the cosmos came first; just as Pythagoras claimed.

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