Plus one has Significance on Number Squares

Plus one has Significance on Number Squares. Characteristic numbers on number squares always use this device. . What does that mean? The plus one, God, works through number squares. To reinstitute an ideal society, plan civilization through these number squares. Can the number of squares in each of the ancient numerical paradigms point the way?  Any two opposite numbers on each square is greater by one than the sum of any of its houses. What this states is that the Deity works through number squares. Examples:

Plus one
One God (as +1) is present in each of the classical ancient number squares. These roots are in Atlantis. Note the darker outlined numbers on the diagonal of the oddly number squares structure the vertical rows of the Periodic Chart.

Plus one in Action


  • Saturn. The grid of the 3 x 3 has 9 houses. Any two opposite numbers on the grid total 10.
  • Jupiter holds 16 houses. Two opposite numbers total 17.
  • Mars has 25 houses. Opposite numbers on its grid have a sum of 26.
  • Sun has 36 houses. Opposed numbers total 37.
  • Venus has a total of 49 houses. Any two opposing numbers total 50.
  • Mercury has a total of 64 houses. Any two opposing numbers total 65.
  • Moon holds 81 houses. Likewise, any two opposing numbers total 82.

The 10 Commandments Use the Plus Principle

Here is how the Laws given by Moses use this principle.

The stone tablets were placed in the Ark of the Covenant (Exodus 25:21Deuteronomy 10:2,5).[59]The added one is merely the statement of God’s presence to the other nine which are the definite commandments.  Commandment #1  “I am the Lord, thy God,”of itself is not a commandment. This concept, beyond doubt, establishes the set pattern of usage by these number squares.  In each case the plus one becomes the active presence of the Deity.

Posts on explain how number squares went from Atlantis to Egypt and then via Moses to Israel.

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