Yardly Number Square Comes from the 6 x 6

Yardly Number Square Comes from the 6 x 6. Ancients worked with number squares. These are squares of numbers with inherent number symmetry and balance. Priests incorporation these principles in their edifices. As a result, everything became sacred.

Source of the Universal Yardly Number Square is in the 6 x 6

My introduction to number squares was through British author, John Michell.  I read his book. The View Over Atlantis. That changed my life for the next 40 years. John Frederick Carden Michell (9 February 1933 – 24 April 2009) was an English author and esotericist who was a prominent figure in the development of the Earth mysteries movement.

In repose, 2008

Michell’s books are now extremely rare and very expensive if you can find one. Hard bound copies can cost thousands of dollars.

So How Can you Find the Numbers of These Yards?

Number thirty-six is quite simple. The six by six number square holds 36 houses. Thirty-six was taken to number the inches in the British yard.

The megalithic yard is more difficult to find; yet, it is simple once you understand a principle. A megalithic yard was taken as 2.72 feet. Sometimes the twos and sevens kept on repeating as in 2.72727272…

  • Any opposite block of 4 squares as the 4 corners as the extreme 6,31, 1 and 36 total 74.
  • Four central numbers do the same: 21, 16, 15 and 22 also total 74. Get your calculator. The square root of 7.4 is 2.72  (2.72o29..)or the numbers of one megalithic yard, You could argue it’s slightly more than the megalithic yard; however, this measure also had a 2.727272…interpretation. A square root of 7.4 megalithic yard interpretation is right in the middle of the two values.

Was there an Atlantis is still a matter for conjecture. Somehow the ancients had quite advanced knowledge.

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