Olympics Continues on Oquaga Lake

Olympics Continues on Oquaga Lake in Children’s Competition. Of many types and kinds of spirits, Olympic Spirit can be counted among them.  Ancient Olympic Games were held in honor of Zeus, and were given a mythological origin. The first Olympics is traditionally dated to 776 BC.[1]

Palaestra of Olympia was devoted to the training of wrestlers and other athletes.
Olympics continues
Kids hold a mini, fun sporting event as Olympics continues by this beautiful lake’s setting. usually in summer here in the Catskills.

Olympics Continues


Today’s a day for kids
From all around the lake.
Those who dwell in cottages
In field and track partake.

The air is cool and crisp,                                      Little girls run next
The sun is warm and bright.                               Hair in braids and ponies
Dogs stroll with their owners.                             The tallest slips and falls
The Kids chatter in delight.                                  Who cares about Oscars and Tonys.

The grass is slippery and wet.                               All is fun and games
Little feet kick up the dew,                                    On this bright August morn.
The crowd is young and spry                                Excitement is in the air.
All wear athletic show.                                            And no one seems forlorn

Anxiously they await the whistle                         What a wonderful way
Clustering in little groups.                                     To meet those across the lake.
Ten here, twenty there,                                           There’s the burlap bag run.
Like military troops.                                                They’re tripping for heaven’s sake!

Boys 4 to 6 years old
Are lined up ready to pace.
The crowd cheers them on
The tall one wins the race.


This poem is part of a collection I wrote on Oquaga Lake entitled: The Oquaga Spirit Speaks. This spirit is from the Lennie Lenape tribe and communicated with me in this fashion. At one time this tribe dwelled around the lake. They were part of the Algonquin Indians.  More poetry will be forthcoming.

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