Babylonian Numbers Ten Fifty-Six (1056)

Babylonian Numbers Ten Fifty-Six (1056). So right off, what is the meaning of this number? First of all, five and six are yin and yang respectively. For this post, I will quote an internal link and external link. . The internal link of from Reviving Antiquity. . The external link is from This is also our website. It contains almost 600 posts about many subjects. It favors the arts.  I offer the entire link immediately below:

Atlantis Code Uses Numbers 5 & 6

Yes, I know the very thought of Atlantis is provocative to some. And here is a more conservative  external link:

rose and lily Archives – DSO Works

Pairing contrasting numbers of the lily and the rose

Pairing Contrasting Numbers -Five with Six.

Babylonian Numbers 1056, Where are They?

If you’ve read the links you’ve seen how five is yin and six is yang. The lily has six strong petals. The rose has five. When yin and yang come together, you have balance. Now examine 1056: The one represents the unity. This unity comes together by juxtaposing numbers 5 and 6. Not co-incidentally, the sum of 5 + 6 is 11. This expresses  a “double “one. 5 + 6. The Babylonian Temple of Marduk is filled with 1056. The height is 105.6 megalithic yards. Level number one is 105.6 feet high. The very relationship of the foot to megalithic yard uses 5’s and 6’s. Here here the formula for the megalithic yard:

  •  5′ x 6′ ÷ 5′ + 6′ = one megalithic yard. Or 30 feet ÷ 11 feet  = 2.72727…feet.

Babylonian Numbers 1056 -More Examples

Measurement of fives and sixes goes all the way to Egypt. The larger Egyptian cubit is 1.728 feet. The  Let’s have a closer look at these Babylonian Numbers:

  • 6 x 6 x 6  ÷ 5 x 5 x 5 = one larger Egyptian cubit. Or, 216 ÷ 125 = 1.728.
  • Very important for Central America and the Mexican Pyramid of the Sun: The key unit of measure was the “hunab.” (See Peter Tompkins Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids). The hunab is 3.41 feet. Again, the invaluable fives and sixes: (5 x 5 x 5) + (6 x 6 x 6) = 341. I took this information from my previous blog on called “Measure Proves a Pre-Genesis Citadel in Mexico.”
  • 341 refers to world before Genesis. Here’s how: The name of the pre-creation God was Emesh  אֶ֣מֶשׁ: “Laban said unto Jacob: The God of your fathers, Emesh, said to me…” In Hebrew “Emesh” literally means “yesternight.” Reference Genesis (31:29). Letters doubled as numbers in middle eastern languages. There were no separate numbers apart from letters. Below  are the letters in Hebrew with their representative numbers of emesh.
  • אֶ֣מֶשׁ – Alef = 1; Mem = 40; shin = 300. Total is 341.  אֶ֣מֶשׁ- Also, the three Hebrew letters of  Emesh  are the the “mother” of all the Hebrew letters.

Please check the above link for many more examples. Marduk’s Temple used the same tradition.



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