Christian Remen is Prominent in the Remen Sphere

Christian Remen is Prominent in the Remen Sphere. So far, I’ve had two previous posts on the remen. This is the third. The remen is an Egyptian measure that is the basis of ancient measure. One remen equals 1.2165…feet.

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The Christian Remen is Built into the name of “Christ”

Greek, Hebrew and many Middle eastern languages had the same symbols representing both a letter and number.  For example, alpha was “a”, but it also number one. There was no separate glyph for any number.  Sharing of a symbol by a letter and number was called by a Greek word, ‘Gematria.”

City of Revelation: John Michell: 9780345258755: Books
A Great Source for Mysteries from the Past.

Χριστός  (Christós`)

John Michell describes the Greek gematria of “Christ”in his City of Revelation  (Ballantine Books, New York, 1973, p.80). It equates with 1480.  Since zero was not a real number in antiquity, the square root of 148 = 12.165… Again we see the numbers of the Egyptian remen this time in Christianity. Thus far, we’ve seen this measure in ancient Egypt, Judaic tradition and now in Christianity. More is coming on the remen. For those who are interested, the external link below touches on  Egyptian mathematics:

Ancient Egyptian mathematics





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