Irish Versus Welch Mile from Different Corners

Irish Versus Welch Mile from Different Number Square Corners. Wales and Ireland have proximity. They also share a prominent ancient number square: The 3 x 3. But first a quick lesson on a couple of ways it was used. Below is the traditional arrangement. We will work with it. First we must see who is my source. Or course he was just recording earlier documentation. His name: Abu Mūsā Jābir ibn Hayyān, He was   a pharmacist and physician. Born and educated in Tus.   Some consider him to be the father of early chemistry.[7][8][9] 

With his illumination, I was able to find the answer to the Irish versus Welch mile riddle. 

Irish Versus Welch Mile are in Different Corners

Abu divided the 3 x 3 number square into two distinct sections: The corner and the gnomon. This square contains four sets of cornered numbers. The part that remains after the gnomon is removed is called the gnomon. These are the five numbers that intersect at right angles. Here’s how we find the two featured mile distances.

  • The Irish mile is 6,720 feet. Take the five outer right and bottom numbers that comprise the gnomon. Thus, 2 x 7 x 6 x 1 x 8 = 672.
  • The Welch mile is 5,760 feet. Take five outer left numbers and the bottom numbers that comprise another gnomon.  4 x 3 x 8 x 1 x 6= 576. The Welsh mile is 5760 feet.
  • In both cases these numbers are multiplied by 10 to get the correct figure. Ten was not considered a real number on its own. Rather, it was a synthetic. The real numbers were one thru nine. Look at the number square. It takes the addition of two opposite numbers around the perimeter to total 10. Ten does not stand by itself in this number square. Thus, 4 + 6 = 10; or 9 + 1 = 10 etc.  Here is an internal link you might enjoy reading: Hidden Proof of Ancient Knowledge Uncovered
Irish versus Welch
Abu Mūsā Jābir ibn Hayyān

Two Ancient Reads From One Number Set


Plus one factor is prominent

Irish versus Welch mile
Wales is the reddish color. Ireland is tannish- brown with a yellowish top.

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